Financial Planning Consultants

At Alexander Forbes Financial Planning Consultants (FPC), our ultimate goal is to help each of clients reach their specific financial goals. We employ the latest innovative methods and technology and take a holistic view of financial planning. This helps you to drive your investments towards your lifestyle goals while simultaneously managing your investment risk.

FPC has been guiding individual clients for over 30 years and today has a R14 billion-strong client portfolio. FPC reviews all product offerings in the market to ensure that we offer only the most competitive and suitable products to our clients. We place special emphasis on researching both South African as well as international asset managers, drawing upon the specialised and substantial resources of the Alexander Forbes Group in order to find the most appropriate vehicle for your investment.

Our financial advisers and planners are required to be Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) practitioners as accredited by the Financial Planning Institute. We work hard to make sure that continuity, stability and support remain the foundations of our client relationships into the future

Creating and maintaining your financial plan

Your financial adviser will help you to create your own personal financial plan. During the early stages, your financial planner will remain in regular contact with you to review the progress and gather new information that may have an impact on the planning process. Your financial planner will help to make sure that your course remains on track to achieve your financial goals through ongoing reviews of your present position relative to your goals. If your planner feels a change is necessary, he or she will give you recommendations.

Our comprehensive services private clients and members of Alexander Forbes corporate retirement funds include advice on:

  • Wealth creation and wealth preservation.
  • Retirement and investment planning.
  • Tax and estate planning.
  • Analysis of risk benefits.
  • Offshore investment advice, including international tax and estate planning.
  • Investment and retirement planning seminars.
  • Individualised investment counseling for retirement fund members with individual member choice options on their employers' retirement funds.
  • Counseling for members joining and leaving funds, or transferring to other funds.
  • Counseling in the case of death or disability of fund members.

Making contact

For more information, please call the Individual Advice Centre or fill in the contact request form and we will contact you.

Individual Advice Centre

Our Financial Planning Consultants (FPC) division has a specialised section, the Individual Advice Centre, which specifically focuses on providing financial planning advice and service to new and existing clients.


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